19.07.2023 |
DRF Luftrettung

The countdown has started: the 3rd DRF Luftrettung HHO Symposium

DRF Luftrettung’s International Helicopter Hoist Operation (HHO) Symposium is about to take place for the third time in September 2023 (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

The DRF Luftrettung Operation Center at the Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport will once again be a meeting place for helicopter hoist specialists from across the world on 6 and 7 September 2023. This year’s International Helicopter Hoist Operation Symposium has the motto Safe.Hoist.Operation and will see experts from hoist manufacturers and operators as well as training providers discussing new trends and innovations in helicopter hoist operation. Highlights include the first comprehensive live presentation of the hoistAR® HHO simulator, developed by Reiser Simulation and Training and DRF Luftrettung, as well as the demonstration of a self-stabilising stretcher system from the manufacturer Vita Inclinata. Registration for the specialist event is still possible.

DRF Luftrettung’s International Helicopter Hoist Operation (HHO) Symposium is about to take place for the third time with high-calibre presentations, practical demonstrations and workshops. ‘Our symposium has been successfully established in Europe since 2021. This year, in addition to the in-flight operational aspects of helicopter hoist operation, we are also focusing on medical and technical aspects and will use practical workshops for this for the first time. They will allow participants to take theoretical content, for example from the presentation by the South Tyrol air rescue on resuscitating patients during hoist operation or repairing hoists, and put it into practice directly,’ explains Jörg Redetzky, Head of Crew Training at DRF Luftrettung and organiser of the symposium.

Highlights: new products on the market and flight demonstrations

For the first time, Reiser Simulation und Training and DRF Luftrettung will be presenting their new hoistAR® hoist simulator live. It will be tested at training on the DRF Luftrettung bases this autumn. The innovative product combines the digital world and the real world and is characterised by its mobility and connectivity to the Level D (FFS) flight simulator, amongst other things. The US manufacturer Vita Inclinata will also be demonstrating its Vita Rescue System (VRS) system, a turbine-driven, digitally controlled, self-stabilising stretcher system which prevents rotation of the stretcher and be used in disaster and crisis situations in particular. The spectators will be shown the new ‘fly to target’ function, which allows the stretcher to be brought to inaccessible terrain. New rescue techniques will also be the focus of the contribution by US manufacturer Lifesaving Systems™, which is redefining patient rescue using a rescue sling to prevent mountain fatalities. ‘Even with the new developments, the focus always remains on the people. In line with our motto Safe.Hoist.Operation, our aim is to increase safety in helicopter hoist operation. The valuable contributions of our speakers show that our international community is committed to and passionate about this, too,’ emphasises Sebastian Schneider, Training Manager Rescue Hoist at DRF Luftrettung.

Note: The complete programme of the 3rd International HHO Symposium is available online at drf-luftrettung.de/HHO-Symposium-2023. Registration is still open. The symposium is aimed at pilots, technicians, hoist manufacturers and operators, authorities and training providers.