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Uber die DRF

Uber die DRF



Part-145 maintenance organisation/MRO services 

Our goal: your complete satisfaction

Benefit from our expertise as a maintenance and repair organisation. At our Operation Center at Baden-Airpark, our Part-145 maintenance organisation ensures every day that our aircraft can take off for their live-saving missions. These aircraft include over 50 helicopters and two Learjets. In addition, we have mobile maintenance teams travelling all across the country to our air rescue bases to quickly and flexibly conduct smaller inspections, perform maintenance work or resolve sudden faults on mission helicopters. 

Our approximately 150 highly qualified technicians can also maintain or repair your aircraft for you at our hangar, reliably and professionally.  

Contact our sales team if you are interested in the services provided by our maintenance crews.

Technical services & sales
For inquiries please contact our sales team
For inquiries please contact our sales team
Jan Berger

Technical Sales Manager

DRF Stiftung Luftrettung gemeinnützige AG  

Corporate Client Business  

Laval Avenue E312  

77836 Rheinmünster
Phone: +49 (0) 711 7007 3000

E-Mail: sales-service@drf-luftrettung.de

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Our workshops adjoining the hangar manufacture things such as structural components for helicopters. (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

Maintenance services on offer

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Line and base maintenance, repairs, component maintenance and modifications for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft

• Learjet 35/36 
• Airbus Helicopters H145 (BK117 D2 und D3)
• Airbus Helicopters H145 (BK117 C2
• Airbus Helicopters H135
 • Airbus Helicopters EC135 (T1/P1 & T2(+) / P2(+)
• Airbus Helicopters BK117 B2
• Airbus Helicopters BO105


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Engine and turbine maintenance and repairs

• Honeywell International Inc. LTS101
• Pratt and Whitney Canada PW206 & PW207 Series
• Rolls-Royce Corporation Model Series 2 Engines
• Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 1
• Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2
• Safran Helicopter Engines Arrius 2


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Helicopter component maintenance and repairs

• Helicopter component maintenance and repairs
• Doors – hatches/flaps and windows
• Power supply, batteries and lighting
• Flight control
 • Fuel system
Helicopter rotors, gearbox and engine auxiliary power unit
• Hydraulic supply
• Display/recording systems
• chassis, ice/rain/fire protection
• Structural components and equipment 


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Further services

• Materials testing, so-called NDT (Non-Destructive Testing): Penetrant testing; eddy current testing
• Worldwide 24/7 service for the maintenance of engines