ANG auf KH Jul20 Pfeifer Quelle DRF Luftrettung

Sales information

Sales information

EC135 P2+

Deployment characteristics

This reliable helicopter is something that you could soon be flying. Previously operated exclusively by DRF Luftrettung for air rescue missions, it has been continuously maintained by our expert Part-145 maintenance organisation.

We stand for the highest standards and quality. For example, we safeguard the first-class condition of the airframe and engines by using parts-by-the-hour (PBH) agreements with manufacturers – from the moment at which we ourselves acquire the helicopter.

We trust in the service of this aircraft to this day and fly it for live-saving missions.

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Technical services & sales
For requests please contact our sales team
For requests please contact our sales team
Jan Berger

Technical Sales Manager

DRF Stiftung Luftrettung gemeinnützige AG

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Laval Avenue E312

77836 Rheinmünster


Telephone: +49 711 7007 3000


MAG Mitflug April2016 Maike Gloeckner Quelle DRF Luftrettung (3)-1

EC135 P2+: D-HDRO (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

VIS Mitflug Seeger Mai09 Quelle DRF Luftrettung (23)

EC135 P2+: D-HDRO (Source: DRF Luftrettung)

Additional equipment

Air rescue equipment

Aircraft operated at DRF Luftrettung for EMS since new only. Maintained by DRF-Luftrettung maintenance organization, with airframe and engine manufacturers PBH, nontransferable contract (nose to tail).


EMS Equipment:

  • Swiss Aerolite Max Bucher AG, P/N 135405-502 with Integral Floor. EASA STC R.S.00397


Certified for:

  • Single Pilot VFR


Installed Options:

  • Long boarding steps, LH and RH
  • Maintenance built-in steps and grips
  • Two hinged cockpit doors with sliding window
  • Map case in pilot's and copilots door
  • Two wide passenger sliding doors
  • Sliding Windows in Sliding Doors
  • Longitudinally adjustable energy absorbing pilot and copilot seats with head rest and 4-point safety belts with automatic locking system
  • Interior paneling with integrated basic sound insulation
  • Central Panel Display System (CPDS), consisting of:
    - Caution Advisory Display (CAD)
    - Vehicle and Engine Management Display (VEMD)
  • Pitot / static system with electrical heated pitot tube, pilot side
  • Provisions for Co-Pilot Pitot and Static System
  • Static pressure crossover system
  • Bleed air heating system
  • Starter/Generator, 2x 200A/28V DC instead of standard Sta/Gen
  • Battery, type “Saft ULM“, 40 Ah, 24 V instead of standard battery
  • Tinted Sun shades for cockpit windshield roof section
  • Windshield Wiper System
  • Window in clam-shell door, LH
  • Rotor Brake System
  • Dual Control System
  • Engine compressor wash kit
  • Fuzz Burner for Engines
  • Settling Protectors – fixed provisions and detachable parts
  • Snow Skids fixed Provivsions
  • White Strobe lights
  • Fixed landing light in Nose
  • Search and Landing Light 400W/200W
  • Single Hand Latching Device for Clamshell Doors
  • Multifunction handle on main gear box cowling LH & RH
  • Illuminated Chart Holder on Pilot Side
  • Engine fire extinguishing system
  • Mastmoment indication


Mission Equipment & Additional Modifications:

  • EuroAvionics - EuroNav RN6 - CM Map Generator System Installation
  • EuroAvionics - EuroNav RN6 - 10" Inch AVALEX Monitor
  • EuroAvionics - EuroNav RN6 - Bluetooth Tastatur
  • Skytrac ISAT-100 Airborne Position/ Data Communication System
  • ISEI Helicom Usage Monitoring System with GSM Transmission
  • ISEI Helivib Vibration Monitoring System
  • FDC / Aerofilter - Inlet Barrier Filter System
  • 2nd portable fire extinguisher
  • Modified NACA Air Intake
  • VHF NAV / COMM System (8.33 kHz Spacing) – Garmin GTN650 / GNC 255B
  • ACAS Collision Avoidance System
  • Pulsing Lights
  • Flarm



  • VHF #1 GARMIN GNC 255B
  • VHF #2 GARMIN GTN 650
  • NAV #1 GARMIN GNC 255B
  • NAV #2 GARMIN GTN 650
  • GPS EuroAvioncs RN6CM
  • DME Bendix King KDM 706A
  • MKR Bendix King KR-21
  • Radio Alt Bendix King KRA405B
  • XPDR Bendix King MST 67A
  • ELT Artex C406-2HM
  • Audio Control Becker AS 3100 (3 Intercom Stations)
  • ISAT SkyTrac ISAT-100
  • FLARM Garecht TRX-1500A



The helicopter is operating actively to date, hence the condition and component status will be subject to changes. Varification of the condition of the aircraft and its components shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.


Uber die DRF

Uber die DRF