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Alert Center

The flight and medical aspects of our global operations are coordinated by our alert center at Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport. Our experienced operations coordinators organize all necessary measures such as entry, landing and overflight permits as well as negotiations with authorities and hospitals abroad. All medical and flight operations are prepared in the shortest time so that our ambulance aircraft can already start on its global mission within two hours after the alert.


Our ambulance aircraft are manned by a captain, a first officer, a doctor and a paramedic. The small cabin of the Learjet 35 A allows for cost-effective transport due to low consumption, even at high speeds. The maximum flight time of 5 hours can be maintained even at maximum load. A total of 8 pilots are available, seven of them captains. This allows an increased minimum crew level (heavy crew) and an air service of up to 18 hours.


The medical equipment on our ambulance flights meets the highest quality standards and ensures optimal patient care. Our emergency physicians are specialists with the additional designation "Emergency and Intensive Care" physician, while our paramedics are experienced in the fields of anesthesia and intensive care, some having the double qualification as specialist / intensive care nurse and the additional qualification for "intensive care transport" according to recommendations of the DIVI (German Interdisciplinary Association of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine).

Data Sheet of the Ambulance Learjet 35 A

Our Learjets safely and quickly bring people back to a hospital in their respective home country who have had an accident or have seriously fallen ill while abroad. Our experienced crews and ambulance aircraft that are equipped like a flying intensive care ward allow for optimal patient care from hospital bed to hospital bed.

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