Safe.Hoist.Operation: 3rd HHO-Symposium a full success

Blick in einen bestuhlten Hangar während eines Vortrags

Around 130 participants gathered at the 3rd HHO Symposium. (Source: DRF Luftrettung/Olga von Plate)

The 3rd HHO Symposium came to a successful conclusion today. Two days of intensive professional exchange lie behind the approximately 130 international guests who came together at the DRF Luftrettung Operation Center to discuss new trends and developments in hoist operation.

"This year, we succeeded in bringing together a larger and broader group of participants than ever before. All major HHO manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers, representatives of the authorities as well as representatives of the military, police and mountain rescue services were present. This shows the great appreciation for our symposium and the success of our established European platform," summarizes Jörg Redetzky, organizer of the symposium.

The program was just as diverse as the participants, with lectures and workshops on technical and medical topics as well as a live demonstration. In the first part, a hoist rescue with a "patient dummy" requiring resuscitation was demonstrated, while the second part focused on a self-stabilizing stretcher system. The advantages of the new technology, which can make the work of the emergency doctor easier and thus contribute to greater safety and speed in operations, were made clear.


Today was also a big day for DRF Luftrettung - the launch of the mobile HHO simulator hoistAR®: After many months of intensive work with Reiser Simulation and Training, the innovation was finally presented to the professional audience in a live demonstration. Our Head of Crew Training Jörg Redetzky and Michael Holz, Chief Operating Officer of Reiser Simulation and Training, explained the development steps and possibilities of the simulator in detail. Using the transmission from the HHO hoist simulator on site and the linked FFS Level D in Frankfurt, the specialist audience was able to follow the mission scenarios on a large screen and virtually look over the shoulders of the pilot and hoist operator. Among other things, the possibilities of virtual reality were impressively demonstrated.

"The high-caliber presentations by our speakers and the valuable discussions showed that our community is growing ever closer together. One example is the discussion on improvements to the the so-called hoist pendant. We conducted a survey during the symposium and collected data that will be completed by ESPN-R and then given as a recommendation to the manufacturers. In this way, we are leading the way and speaking with one voice in order to jointly advance safety in hoist operation," explains Sebastian Schneider, Head of Hoist Training at DRF Luftrettung and organizer of the symposium.