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Uber die DRF

Uber die DRF



Our suppliers are an important key player in fulfilling our mission in fast air rescue, worldwide patient transport, education, in training and further technical development. They are extremely important to our growth and operational capability. Therefore a good cooperation with them is very important to us. Here we introduce our central purchasing strategy and selection criteria for suppliers, and provide guidelines to follow when starting a new business relationship.

Our product groups

The goods purchased by the DRF Luftrettung are divided into four types. The most important category of goods includes materials, spare parts as well as work and maintenance services for our helicopters ands aircrafts. In addition to equipment such as clothing and helmets, we also purchase medical equipment and medical supplies for our flying rescue units. In addition, we need various materials for maintenance, calibration, RHB and various tools for our Operation Center. For our headquarters in Filderstadt as well as our Operation Center in Rheinmünster and various stations, we source indirect materials, such as Office supplies, materials related to works and services, facility management, IT and fleet services.


  • Aviation Equipment

    For our helicopters and LearJets, we purchase a variety of materials to ensure safe flight operations. Also items of equipment belong to this.


  • Medical Equipment and Consumables

    For the care of our patients we need medical devices and medical supplies.

  • Maintenance

    In order to maintain our helicopters and aircraft, we need appropriate materials, spare parts, maintenance and repair services as well as tools for our Operation Center.

  • Other materials

    This includes all indirect materials such as office and IT materials, travel services and material for our administration in Filderstadt and Rheinmünster, our vehicle fleet as well as works and services, facility management at all DRF locations.


Supply Chain Management

By building strong business relationships we will establish a supply chain which supports the overall success of DRF Luftrettung.

DRF Luftrettung’s supply chain management strategy is designed to meet or exceed our company and customer goals. Supply chain management, process improvements and value engineering are the key elements of this strategy. Supply chain management includes consolidation of our supply base, selection of preferred suppliers, global sourcing, supplier quality and development, and implementation of robust business agreements. Our approach to Design to Cost Engineering includes cutting costs of products as well as in business operations and associated non-value-added activities. These elements of our strategy are the foundation for our goal of developing a world-class supply chain.

Selection Process

DRF Luftrettung Supply Management is committed to developing strong supply chains that support our system integration philosophy. Suppliers are an integral portion of our supply chain strategy and we continue to seek high-performing suppliers that can strengthen our supply chains. Our selection process is based on the following criteria: quality performance, leadership, financial strength, continuous improvement culture, cost competitiveness, product development/improvement, EH&S compliance, customer service and reliability as well as compliance with rules and legal requirements. We expect all of our suppliers to engage in continuous improvement programs that improve organizational efficiency, reduce product costs, improve product and process performance, reduce cycle times and eliminate waste.


DRF Luftrettung strives to establish integral relationships with core suppliers in each commodity. Competitiveness will be based upon selecting and nurturing suppliers to attain best-in-class achievement with demonstrated performance of zero quality escapes and 100% on-time delivery. Our suppliers have a passion for continuous improvement in all business and manufacturing processes. We support them through training and development in those areas.

Preferred Suppliers

DRF Luftrettung expects our suppliers to be progressive in managing all aspects of their business. To become a DRF Luftrettung preferred supplier there are specific characteristics which all suppliers have to demonstrate. The characteristics listed below have to be fulfilled:

  • Operating System, Lean manufacturing and a Quality System are in place and visible.
  • Cost competitive culture.
  • Competitive pricing over long period.
  • Provides alternatives to reduce cost and add value.
  • Understands the value of low cost sourcing.
  • Flexible cash terms.
  • Short cycle times.
  • Financially stable.
  • Progressive management, clean and visible metrics.
  • Provides 100% on-time, defect free products and services.
  • Registered to Aerospace Quality Specifications.
  • Strong commitment to Environment, Health and Safety.
  • Proactively seeks solutions to problems.
  • Commitment to Consignment Stock Agreement.
  • Commitment to delegation Agreement.
  • Export Control compliance.
  • Finance transaction in US$
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