HHO Symposium 2024

Save the Date: 4th HHO Symposium

The DRF Luftrettung will host the 4th HHO Symposium from 10th – 11th September 2024 at the Operation Center at Baden Airpark (EDSB). The symposium has been successfully established as an expert platform for hoist professionals in Europe since 2021 in order to increase safety, quality standards and innovation. Experts from hoist manufacturers and operators as well as training providers are invited to discuss new trends and innovations in helicopter hoist operation.

The Symposium 2024

  • Main topic: Training in Helicopter Hoist Operation
  • Join us for high-calibre presentations, practical demonstrations and networking!
  • Registration will be open soon.
HHO Symposium

Any questions about the Symposium?

Please contact hho-symposium@drf-luftrettung.de for further information.